Innovation Cell


Produce(Develop)Business leaders(Entrepreneurs) for the Information based Digital economy of the future.


  • Establishing a startup hub and incubation center in all allied engineering branches.
  • Creating a sustainable ecosystem of innovation, R&D  and engineering in the institute.
  • Enhancing the links between research institutions, Universities and business community.


  • Encouraging students and faculties to bring innovative ideas
  • Motivating students for self employment which in turn leads to entrepreneurships
  • Attracting the small scale investments into the incubation and startup ecosystem within the institute
  • Network stakeholders and maximize industry academia engagement
  • Establishing technology based Incubators/Accelerators in each engineering sector across the institute


Short Lerm

1.Organizing workshops related to entrepreneurship skills, startup and innovation importance.
2. Evaluating ideas from Expert Committee on regular basis collected from the faculty and students.

Mid Term

1. Setting up incubation centers across the allied engineering fields.
2. Restructuring the innovative ideas into small scale Start-up .
3. Establishing relations between universities and R&D centers in and around

Long Term

1. Establishing full scaled incubation/innovation center with in the institute.
2. Attracting the funds from R&D centers, Business Incubators, Government Agencies..etc.
3. Increasing the rate of self employability and quality of start up within the institute.