Produce(Develop)Business leaders(Entrepreneurs) for the Information based Digital economy of the future.


We will innovate new sustainable business based on training for real Markets by interaction between the incubation centre and industry

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises,Government of India

has sanctioned  Rs.45.0 Lakhs to establish Technology Business Incubator(TBI)-A Scheme for Promotion of Innovation, Rural Industry and Entrepreneurship (ASPIRE) and received Rs.36.0 Lakhs till date and college also contributed matching grant of  Rs.22.5 Lakhs to create facilities and for incubation activities till date.


TBI-New Status Review (1/8)

Particular Details
Host Organization
S J C Institute of Technology
Address, Phone No and Email id of the institute
P B No. 20, B B Road, Chickballapur, Karnataka - 562101 (08156) 263181/82/83
Name, Ph No, Email Id of the TBI Head & Co-ordinator
Dr.T. Munikenche Gowda, 9980923294,
Date of approval of TBI (dd/mm/yyyy)
Amount Approved (in INR lakh):
45 Lakhs
Amount Received(in INR lakh):
1st Installment: 22.5 Lakhs 2nd Installment: 13.5Lakhs 3rd Installment: NIL
Date of receipt of fund (dd/mm/yyyy)
1st Installment receipt Date:15.6.2017 2nd Installment receipt Date:7.3.2019 3rd Installment receipt date: Yet to receive
Thrust Areas of Incubator
MultiTrade :Rural Technologies, Agriculture Technologies, Aerospace, Electronics, IOT,Transportation
Month & Year of commencement of Training
Febuary 2018

TBI-New Status Review (2/8)

Particular Details
Whether TBI registered as Section 8 company ?
(Yes/No); If response is ‘No’, then share the reason for delay
and proposed date (dd/mm/yyyy) by when the TBI will be registered
Yes Section 8 Licence Number:126207
The Corporate Identity Number(CIN):
Whether tender for procurement of plant & machinery
placed (Yes/No); If response is ‘No’, then share the reason for
delay and proposed date (dd/mm/yyyy) for initiating the tendering process
Whether all the plant & machinery
procured as approved in the proposal (Yes/No); If response
is ‘No’, then share the reason for delay and proposed date (dd/mm/yyyy) for procurement of all the plant & machinery
Yes : Major equipments purchased No bidder participated
for other Equipments/tools though invited e –tender thrice.
Remaining will be purchased after inviting one more e –tender. Proposed date for
procurement of remaining plant and machinery end of year 2021.
Whether Startup incubation process
initiated? (Yes/No); If response is ‘No’, then share the reason for delay and proposed date(dd/mm/yyyy) for initiating the startup incubation

TBI-New Status Review (3/8)

Particular Details
Total number of startups incubated till July 2021 (in Number)
01 :Softwarepro Technologies Pvt Corporate identity Number of the company: U80302KA2021NPL48373
Total number of startups registered as a company till July 2021 (in Number)
Total number of dedicated staff proposed/required to be deputed for TBI (in Number)
Total number of dedicated staff deployed for TBI (in Number)
Whether the proposed number of staff deputed for TBI ? (Yes/No); If response is ‘No’, then share the reason for delay
Please share the proposed date for commencement of the TBI (dd/mm/yyyy) [if the TBI has not yet initiated its operations]

TBI-New Status Review (4/8)

Dedicated Staff Name for TBI Designation Responsibility
Dr. T Munikenche Gowda
Coordinating the ASPIRE TBI
Harish S
Training the candidates
Suresh Kumar H S
Admin Associate
Looking after procurement
Safira Begum
Training students and entrepreneurs accessing the lab
Ashwini D S
Lab instructor
Looking after the lab
Admin Staff
Taking care of the space

TBI-New Status Review (5/8)

Name of startup incubated under ASPIRE till July 2021 Sector Name of Technology /Product Developed Website link (if any)
Softwarepro Technologies Pvt
Education Management System
Web Development,
Managing and Maintenance

TBI-New Status Review (6/8)

Ecosystem Map
Mikrotek Machines Ltd. Chickballapur
Indian Institute of Science(IISc.) Bengaluru
MoMSME New Delhi,
Mr. B Kamal Babu
TITAN Company  
University of Agriculture Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore
Babha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai
Mr. Kiran
Unique Laboratories Private Limited
Dept. of Electronics, IT ,BT, S&T, Govt. of Karnataka
Mr. V Siva Subbu
Jindal Aluminium Limited ,Bengaluru
Lab instructor
Mr. Nayaz Ahmed

TBI-New Status Review (7/8)

SJCIT-TBI- Aspire – Conference Room with Video Conferencing and projector facility


SJCIT-TBI- Aspire Cubicle

Pictures of TBI - Conference Room,Office Space

TBI-New Status Review (8/8) - Pictures of TBI with machines-Infrastructure

Epilog  Laser Engraver and Cutting Machine


CNC Router

Vinyl Cutter

Makita scroll Saw

Professional Angle GrindeBoschr

Bosch Cardless drill and screw driver

Bosch Professional Plastic Heat Gun


  • To inculcate, support, assist financially or otherwise, innovation culture, amongst the teaching faculty and students across educational streams.
  • To support, encourage, assist – financially or otherwise, encourage, motivate,academic faculty and student community, in converting their ideas and innovative processes into reality and/or commercialise, monetise, patenting,generate employment, create a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, through their innovations
  • To create, support, assist, startup ecosystem at educational campus/es, among student entrepreneurs by providing them the necessary launch pad, required information, knowledge, expertise, guidance in building confidence through activities, and nurturing their skills by conducting workshops & hackathons.
  • To build a vibrant student entrepreneurial community and support for required resources for startups to contribute for societal developme   through innovation incubation activities.
  • To establish, create, support, assist, develop incubation centers, innovation labs, Research & Development setups and technology platforms with an objective to engage, develop, promote, assist-technically, financially or otherwise, entrepreneurs, aspiring students for converting innovation &incubation ideas into proof of concept
  • To encourage, promote facilitate, mentor advise, train and nurture students to take upentrepreneurial activities, ventures, business, opportunities, by creating awareness,promoting conducive environment for startups and by offering mentorship, guidance,seed funding and institutional support.
  • To create a mechanism for student entrepreneurship (a) to access the patents and research of the institute (b) to use institutes research labs and working space for developing student-based start-ups.


SJCIT TBI faces following challenges like Entrepreneurship a way towards Rural Development

  • We have invited thrice E-tender  for few equipments no bidders were participated  for few equipments      
  • To support the farmers, labors and women community situated geographically around the TBI by clarify the ambiguity of entrepreneurship which involves:

->Identification of handcraftsmanship and traditional artisan talents by observation and survey periodically

->Introduction and enrichment of knowledge about various TBI schemes for entrepreneurship

->Training the interested applicants in modern manufacturing and processing techniques relevant to their field of interest

->Guiding the applicant in setting up of the organizational structure involving HR appointment, Machinery selection-consultation-installation, Raw material supplier identification, Vendor solution, Marketing and Product feed back.

  • Initializing incubation activities for the applicant till they establish as an independent firm

SJCIT TBI faces following challenges in Entrepreneurship by Innovation, Product Development and IPR

  • Here TBI needs to chalk out a processes of motivating academia right from the induction of the students in the Engineering courses irrespective of the domain.
  • TBI has to face challenges of surveying the population inhouse for potential applicants with inherent talent. Motivate them, train them and guide till the enterprise is setup.

At the end of the day TBI has the issues related to introduction engineering freshers, training about IPR filling and the legal processes of the IPR

Support Sought:

  • SJCIT TBI needs support in the following areas:

->Sponsored full term Training in the cutting edge technologies in present day market for the staff working in the TBI. This must happen with respect to the machinery which are established in the centre which reduces the additional burden of out sourcing the training of the machinery handling and maintenance in long run.

->Providing consultation for networking with foreign universities and incubation centre inorder to updation and knowledge transfer activities. Sponsoring visits for potential centres abroad.

->Encouragement of continuous learning for the staff in TBI by supporting the participation in reputed conferences, syposiums and expos. Sponsoring the enrolment and visit for the staff.

->Supporting TBI for self propoganda by sponsoring for the Advertisement charges in various media which inturn helps potential applicants to approach the centre for consultation.